Italian dictionary

Italian is a Romance language. There are about 62 million people speaking Italian as a first or a second language. Italian also is part of the Indo-European language family. The largest Italian-speaking population is The largest population of Italian-speaking people can be found in Italy. There are other parts of the world, in which Italian-speaking communities are centered, such as Corsica or Istria. In Switzerland, San Marino and even in Slovenia and Croatia it is an official language. The global relevance of the Italian language, however, is shrinking.

Like Spanish, Portuguese or other Romance language, Italian is of Latin origin. As many other languages, in Italian too are many regional dialects, that differ greatly in regards to modern day Italian. Some of them are even considered to have the status of an independent language. Nearly all of them are related to Vulgar Latin, a non-standard form of Latin, that was used mostly in spoken dialogue and therefore had not official orthography.

There are just 21 letters in the Italian alphabet, if you will. They know and recognize the letters j, k, w, x, and y, but are utilized only in foreign words.

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